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Zaya’s ClassCloud is an easy-to-use, plug-n-play, learning platform designed to store, access, and deploy content in classrooms with limited or no internet connectivity.

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Steams lessons for up to 30 students

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Tracks individual and class progress


Easy-to-design practice tests and quizzes

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Works without the internet


4 hour battery back up. Runs on solar power


How does it work?

One of the most affordable blended learning solutions globally

  • Plug-n-play device

  • Store, access, and screen content on tablets

  • Lessons in English, Maths and EVS for Grades 1-5

  • Students learn on a gamified interface

  • Helps teachers deal with high volume of students


What can you do with Zaya’s ClassCloud?

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  • Learn English, Math and EVS in a fun and interactive way

  • Watch videos, do practice tests and quizzes

  • Earn badges and prizes that unlock levels and get students extra points

  • Students learn at their own pace

  • For Grades 1-5

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  • Plan lessons and review individual student and class performance

  • Provide individual attention to students who need it

  • Get a clear understanding of progress through detailed reports

  • Customised classroom design and seating arrangements

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  • Platform designed by education experts that understand the unique needs of schools

  • Access clear data on performance of multiple classes as well as students

  • Save on expensive internet costs

  • Training and support for teachers and school leaders


Improvement in English Language

Improvement in English Language

Improvement in Maths

Improvement in Maths

Zaya’s ClassCloud is developed by education experts and backed by research.

Our research shows children learn better on the ClassCloud. Students using Zaya’s ClassCloud improved by an average of 20% in English and 8% in Maths in one year alone*. 

Schools all over India and other parts of the world have benefited from using the ClassCloud in their classrooms. We partner with schools and non-profit organisations to bring technology solutions like the ClassCloud to students who need it the most.

*An independent study conducted by Grey Matters India

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