Life at Zaya


Why we’re here

We believe in empowering learning experiences.

We’re a passionate team working to build great systems that help teachers, coaches, administrators and learners improve their performance. As a team, we’re always learning and focus on delivering experiences that change the way organisations work.

our core values




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We want to ensure that everyone on the team is learning - every day. Our focus on constant improvement doesn’t stop at delivering to our clients but extends to the team as well. We believe learning enables creative and innovative work and place a premium on our abilities to consistently learn and grow.

Innovation & Problem-solving

We’re here to solve some of the toughest problems in education. Whether we do this through technology or not - our focus lies in discovering the best possible solution. We will never compromise on quality and constantly challenge each other to create products and systems that are best in class.

Equal Opportunities

To do great work, you must have great people. And that’s what we care about at Zaya - your ability to deliver impact. We believe that the best solutions are developed by people with different views and backgrounds and if you do well, we reward you accordingly. No matter who you are or where you’re from.

Community Impact

Our work directly impacts learners. We’re passionate about education and care about the people we’re working for. These sometimes include school leaders, administrators, teachers and students and we’re very aware of the impact our systems can have on their lives. Working at Zaya means you’re not just building systems in isolation, but helping communities learn better.

How we work

Ownership & Accountability

Everyone works with a sense of ownership and is accountable to the rest of the team. We set goals together to make sure we’re all on the same page leave you to figure out the best possible solution.


We’re always thinking of how to do things better. This means asking the right questions, finding people with answers and encouraging dialogue between teams.


We believe in creating systems that are sustainable over time. Building systems with a long-term vision means accounting for different needs but also creating space for improvement and adjustments when needed.