Our History


It all started when…

Zaya was created after our founder, Neil D’souza decided to take a sabbatical in Mongolia to teach school children. His experiences with children in remote orphanages caused him to leave his Silicon Valley job at Cisco and set up an organization that worked on developing solutions that would bridge the education gap for children in remote regions of the world.

Zaya has come a long way since then.

Our products have imparted over 2 million hours of learning to low-income schools with over 6000 teachers being trained and coached on using technology in the classroom. Children in remote towns and cities across the world have learnt using our products.

We’ve received funding from the Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative, DBS Foundation, Pearson, Marico and others and worked with the Hans Foundation and other leading NGOs to implement projects.

After six years of developing cutting-edge educational products, we decided to move towards improving systems for learners everywhere. While our ClassCloud and SchoolWiFi devices and educational applications continue to be used in schools across India, we have shifted focus to empowering learning processes for teachers, students, companies, administrators and government bodies.

Through our work, we aim to make lasting improvements to existing systems of learning and continue to help children in remote regions access high-quality learning tools.