We support research projects to further learning and innovation in the sector. At Zaya, we believe that supporting education-based research projects through developing technology is key to developing new ideas and products in the learning domain.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Supporting Research with Existing Zaya products

We lend our existing products to researchers interested in conducting small or large scale projects. Products and support will be provided to researchers without any additional cost.

Developing Research Products

We work with independent researchers and sector experts to create products that enable them to collect large sample size data through technology - reducing effort and time needed for data analysis.


Partnering with Grant making Organisations

Zaya partners with researchers to apply to grants and partner with projects that require technology to succeed. We work with organisations or researchers as a technology partner to submit innovative ideas to grant-making organisations.

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We aim to provide researchers with the support and infrastructure needed to pursue their research objectives and share learnings. By supporting research and innovation we aim to create an inflow of the best ideas that lead to cutting-edge solutions that empowers everyone in the education sector.

Current Partners

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The Gateway School of Mumbai and Zaya have partnered to develop a mobile app and web platform that measures improvement of teachers via a curriculum-based measurement tool. We are currently working on expanding our reach and collecting data to help inform the research.