Zaya Sensei is a data collection tool that improves classroom instruction, accelerates teacher professional growth and helps educators make data-driven decisions.


Capture data

Easily record observations through videos, images, audio or text


Customise reports

Choose a framework for performance evaluation, analytics and reporting


Work offline

Continue working in low network or out-of-range areas

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Get better

Customised recommendations and learning pathways for teachers

How does it work?


Observe classrooms and and create feedback cards to share with learners

Conduct live classroom observations and collect evidence in multimedia formats on your mobile phone. Your data is automatically mapped to pre-selected indicators within a chosen performance framework


Evaluate learners by rating them across multiple parameters

Detailed performance analytics and reports to help learners understand their performance. Learns are rated on indicators selected by you.



Analyse trends across time to measure and track improvement of learners

Plan training sessions and conduct performance appraisals more effectively using data from reports and give feedback that will help learners in the long-term


Product Goal

Personal mentoring and coaching are the essence of personal learning and development. We believe Zaya’s Sensei can help professionals and learners in every domain learn and grow effectively. Our goal is to have 2000 users across various domains (education, extracurricular learning, sports, fitness training) collect and create over 10,000 reports - this year alone.

licensing model

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How will it help learners and coaches?

Observations can be used for mentoring, self assessments and peer reviews, setting professional goals and creating focused improvement plans.

Teachers can access a central media repository to learn and collaborate with  peers. The system also sends individuals customised recommendations based on performance metrics and highlighted areas of improvement.